I found this song idea I recorded years ago. The tempo varied from 99-105, mild clipping but it was recorded with two mics, one for vocals and one for the acoustic guitar.
I worked on it for a bit with the idea to enter it into the Xtra Styles contest but it is not good enough quality of a song or production to do that. I thought some may be interested that it was done completely in BIAB and RB and using the Audio Chord Wizard I was able to get the track from a varying tempo to a steady 102 bpm. I also used the RB harmonies and effects to complete the mix.

I worked with Band in a Box and RealBand to even the tempo to 102 and then created a backing track with one of Band in a Box's new Xtra Styles and added effects, harmonies and mixed the tracks in RealBand. I uploaded the song for discussion in the forum.

I started the project importing the song into BIAB and applying the ACW for the actual tempo map and chord progression. I saved the BIAB project.
I opened a new project in RB and imported the track.
Using the average tempo determined from BIAB, I set the tempo to 103 and recorded a Click track.
I opened the RB ACW and tweaked the tempo map and imported the song and chord progression into RB.
I did this twice before I was satisfied with the accuracy of the tempo. Once I was satisfied, I changed the tempo and stretched the audio to a fixed tempo of 102.
I used RB to split the stereo track into two separate mono tracks.
I saved the RB project and returned to BIAB and auditioned Xtra Styles and decided on Inspire – Cheery Indie Pop.
I returned to RB, Selected the Xtra Style – Inspire and generated the style.
I erased the original acoustic guitar track and silenced the spaces between words of the vocal track to eliminate as much of the original acoustic guitar as possible.
I duplicated the vocal track and edited that track so I could start over if necessary.
Once the vocal track was edited, I added RB effects and created two additional duplicates – Panned hard left and right.
I copied/pasted several phrases taken from the vocal track onto a new track and created harmonies from these.
I balanced, mixed and rendered the tracks to stereo.
I created a file of the song with a little of the original song added at the end for comparison if anyone is interested in hearing it and posted that to my Soundcloud account.

I think this would have been a successful project had the original recording been a higher quality and better recording. Trash in – trash out is in full force here. I never completed the song beyond the first verse and the song here is just a repetition of verse and chorus.

I decided to post this as is so possibly someone will benefit from the process. As a song, the recording or the quality of the song itself does not warrant entering it into the Xtra Styles contest.
If any lyricist wants to have a go at completing the song and re-recording it from scratch, have a go at it.

Sweet Eyes with original attached

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