As a consequence of Dr Gannon's allowing public domain material to be used in the Xtra Styles Competition (link), here is my submission.

Xtra Style
_MEADOWS.STY (Meadows Piano Pop with Brushes)
(This style is described as Lite-Pop and listed in the Country group. I leave it to PG Music to decide into which category, if any, the submission fits.)

1759: Bass, Electric, Pop16ths Ev 085
1767: Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Pop16 Ev16 085
664: Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm SouthernRock Ev 085 (A:fpick)
665: Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm SouthernRock Ev 085 (B:Strum)
RealDrums: BrushesFolk16ths: a: Brushes b: Brushes Tap
** The _MEADOWS.STY style was used exactly as is without any modification other than tweaking volume balances.
** The Audiophile version of the BIAB software was used.

Duet Instruments
MIDI Oboe: Garritan Personal Orchestra 4
MIDI Flute: Garritan Personal Orchestra 4

I really enjoy arranging melodies using the contrapuntal techniques of the Baroque and pre-Baroque periods of music. For this reason, when PG Music announced this competition, I thought it would be an interesting personal challenge to write an instrumental duet and to use BIAB as the 'continuo' that supports the underlying harmony. (In Baroque music, the harpischord, clavichord or organ often fulfilled the role of continuo.)

With the above in mind, I grabbed a duet that I started a few years ago but had not completed and began working from there.

I have never done anything like this with BIAB before. At the end of the process, I am incredibly impressed with the software and just how very versatile it is.

I hope you enjoy my version of "Oh! Susanna". It's probably best described as 'counterpoint meets Stephen Foster meets Band In A Box'.