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Congratulations, Herb! Good stuff. Did you use Taxi, or some other placement service?

Very happy for you. Now get back to work with some more new stuff! smile


I quit TAXI quite some time back because they were "returning" practically everything I was submitting. I knew other folks were placing music outside of TAXI and perhaps I could too. So I started looking for and vetting libraries. I found a few good ones and unbeknownst to me, the president of one of them was plugging my music to producers. So, essentially, no placement services were involved. This was done the old fashioned way. Making connections and providing the music they can use.

I do, on occasion, use a "placement service" that has no membership fee, when they send me a listing that I might be interested in submitting music for consideration. As a result, I have added a library or two in that manner but then once that connection is made, I work with the library directly from that point forward.
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