Pass Me Not O' Gentle Saviour

1.Band in Box Slow Country Swing (100 Cmaj 4/4)
2.Replace drum track with Nashville Brushes
3.Render individual tracks and import to Sony Acid Studio
4.Extensive use of erase tool to eliminate 4 kick
and some guitar and some strings parts.

Probably #4 was the innovation or learning part for
me. This resulted from a comment on the forum to use the
DAW for dynamic improvements. Left to themselves, the
members of the band each play non stop solos. Individual
volume adjustments are tedious.
Link: (Feel Free to Use)
Biab for WIN 2020 -- Win 10 64bit -- Reaper/Audacity
Zoom R-16 -- Tascam DP-03-SD -- SoundTap -- Crescendo --