Thanks for listening! Thought I might have the bass too up front on the verse where the bass and drum carry it. Dusty is GREAT on vocals. Here are the lyrics:

Sunday morning, come
The coffee and the rum
The kettle and the fireplace
Noontime is a good time
The sun is a lemon-lime
The fruit tree fell from grace

Tomorrow is a Monday
Today is a fun day
Yesterday’s already passed
The months of the year
Are already here
And the weekends really don’t last

Tuesday, come to dinner
Betting on a winner
Finish first or finish third
Give the dinner roll
To the General
And make sure the butter is stirred

Wednesday, come to fasting
Eternal, everlasting
The ending is truly mine
It’s not really food
Unless it’s really good
So bring a bottle of cheap, cheap wine

Thursday, if you get here
Go out on the far pier
You’ll find a bucket of fish
The first one is the last one
Don’t let it die none
But make yourself one last wish

Friday, I’m still hoping
To win in the jump-roping
Even if I die before I do
Whisper a sweet tune
Somethin’ ‘bout a full moon
It doesn’t even have to be true

Saturday, I left you
Left-over hot stew
The seventh is always the best
Even our God
Spares His rod
For His seventh day of rest