A pop ballad song. It will take you to your good old days.


For this song, two real styles are used;
1. _PRAIRPN.STY. Prairie' Solo Accompaniment Piano
2. _POPH085.STY. Slow Guitar Ballad

It starts with the piano solo accompaniment and moves to the
band play featuring two acoustic guitars, an electric dreamy guitar
and an electric bass with a real drum, and plus piano for the last part.

I hope you like it.

******* Summary *******
Key=F , Tempo 90
_PRAIRPN.STY (Prairie' Solo Accompaniment Piano)
RT887: Piano, Acoustic, Solo-Accompaniment FolkPopPrairie
_POPH085.STY (Slow Rock Ballad)
RT518: Bass, Electric, Pop HalfNotes Ev 085 , Dow Tomlin
RT365: Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Ev 085 , Jason Roller
RT362: Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming Ev 085 , Tony King
RT542: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Dreamy Ev 085 , Darin Favorite
RT887: Piano, Acoustic, Solo-Accompaniment FolkPopPrairie (Custom)

SONAR X3 was used to assign the VST instruments (D-PRO) to the MIDI tracks as follows.

RGC Flute In The Venue <= Melody-1
RGC Buen Sustain <= Melody-2
RGC Orchestral Forest <= Melody-3
DX Tines <= Melody-4