Realband elevates BIAB to a higher level. For me, it is where music production begins and BIAB accompaniment ends. It is where I take over from the auto generated BIAB tracks and create unique and custom audio tracks. It is where BIAB begins to react as if I were truly playing live in a studio with real musicians.

For example, I recently punched in a guitar track for fills and solo breaks. The track was comped into 18 sections. Using the multiriff feature of RB, each of the 18 sections received 7 alternate takes per section and I chose one of the multi riffs. On occasion, I cut/pasted between two multi riffs merging into a single new riff. That was 126 unique phrases for my song. It was like sitting in a studio with a lead guitar player and directing him throughout the song so it was my unique, custom arrangement.

This is important to me because using BIAB, consider that 10 users choose the same style and the same chord progression for a song. Relying on BIAB auto generated songs from finite recorded audio tracks, there would likely be similar, recognizable phrases between the different users songs. That would not be the case generating multi riffs in a RB track.

Generating such a track took minutes to create and is something no other DAW is capable of in such a short period of time. One would have to generate multiple tracks and export each of them into a DAW and entire tracks would have to be referenced against each other to come even close to what RB did in minutes.

RB is where the human artistry resides.


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