Announcing... Xtra Styles PAK 3 Contest - 4 prizes of $150

We recently introduced Xtra Styles PAK 3 for Band-in-a-Box - these are new RealStyles in four categories: Jazz, Country, Rock/Pop, and Americana. Now you could win a prize for submitting a song that you made using Xtra Styles PAK 3! We have one prize for each category. The winners will receive a $150 USD coupon for a future Band-in-a-Box purchase.

Participating can be as easy as typing in chords to a song, choosing an Xtra style, pressing play, then saving as an audio file and uploading to SoundCloud.

Please read the contest rules below. The contest is open for submission until midnight July 31, 2017 August 15, 2017.

Contest Rules

  • You must own Band-in-a-Box 2017 along with one or more of the Xtra Styles PAKs included in Xtra Styles PAK 3.
  • The song you submit must be your own original composition. As mentioned, this could be simply typing in chords to your song and pressing play, but you may also add additional instruments, solo, and/or melody.
  • Public domain songs will also be accepted.
  • Multiple entries are permitted.
  • Submit your song to the "Xtra Styles Contest" forum, before the deadline.

To submit a song:

1. Make a song using an Xtra Style from Xtra Styles PAK 3. Your song can be entirely Band-in-a-Box tracks, or you can add anything you want to it (vocals, additional instruments, etc.)

2. Save the song as an audio file and upload to SoundCloud (or somewhere else, as long as it can be downloaded/played from a url).

3. Post a new message in this forum, making sure to include: (1) a link to your song, (2) the name of the style you used (e.g. _SURVIVE), and (3) the category (e.g. Americana). Songs posted that do not list these 3 criteria will not be considered for this contest.

Start a new thread for your song, rather than replying to an existing thread. It is a good idea to include the title of your song in your post title. Note: If you're not sure of the category, look for the style name in the 'RealTracks - Demos\Xtra Styles' folder (e.g. RealTracks - Demos\Xtra Styles\Rock-Pop 3\_ECHOING Demo - Echoing Indie Synth Pop w Guitar).

We will review the songs based on a combination of criteria, including:

  • good compositions / songwriting.
  • creativity / originality.
  • good use of Band-in-a-Box or RealBand.
  • overall quality.
  • haven't won other recent contests (not a requirement).
  • other contributions on the PG Music forum (not a requirement).

Good luck everyone - we're looking forward to listening to your submissions!

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