Fat Guy's Rural Limits crazy


Future Happy Birthday Justin Trudeau!!! frum Hugh Jiddyut!
We're gonna party like it's on sale at Walmart, and have a $1.00 coupon!

Don'tchee just hate it when yer laying out tryin ta gets a tan?
Then someone comes up and pokes you wid a stick,
and the crowd starts to grow, and they all start trying,
to push ya back in the ocean!
(It was a kiddy pool in the neighbors back yard)
Maybe so… it was still hurtedfull, and I got markers to prove it!

I tain't no Whale,
didju see a tay-yull?
No doubt I'm a big one
Whyuh wanna poke me
what the hell!
I'm justa a fat dude
call me a fat dude
Fat Dude Tabacky Drippin!
How's my chin is it done Drippin?

Tainta vusidyual tail
Just a thong wearin he-male
It's small but it's strechy
almost covers up, so what the hell
I'm Justa
Fat Guy
Justa Fat Guy
Fat Guy's hiney itchin!
Fat Guy's a Skinny Dippin!

I don't know what's going on with my neighborhood anymore,
cain't even go swimmin in neighbors pool!
Cuz it goes dry soon as you git in!
Maybe so! They should have got the 2ft deep model pool instead,
they so durned cheap!

Man Gas
What Man Gas?
Purdy sure doggy didit!
Danged ol doggy didit

Redneck that's fur shizzel
Redneck is in yer hizzul

I call it My turf
Ye's on my turf
Fat Guy's Rural Limits
You're in the Fat Guy's Rural Limits


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