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This is still not satisfactory. I have posting requests for fixes and necessary improvements to this app in the wishlist section for THREE YEARS and only one fix has been made.

Alistair, you've put this in every post in this thread. What do you think the word "Wishlist" means? It doesn't mean that it's a demand list so that whatever you put there turns into a "MUST DO" list. Quite a few items in the Wishlist have been done over the years and made a lot of folks happy, but quite a few have not as well.

And, it sounds like as far as compatibility issues there really isn't a problem so this whole thread is a mistake? This is how false rumors spread all over the internet because now a search about possible problems with Biab and IOS will turn up this thread and lots of folks won't bother reading the whole thing, they just skim the headline. What does your incorrect headline say? WARNING! Do some due diligence first before posting something like that.

Your basic question itself is legitimate, all you had to do was ask "Is there a problem with this or not?" That's it.


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