Always wanted to do an orchestral kind of thing.
First I generated three different melodies with the BIAB melodist and imported those in UJAM studio.
Created a basic arrangement there and then converted 2 of the melodies into solo instruments (Diva and Dreamy Saxophone).
Next, I Imported everything into RealBand and did some editing, well quite a lot of editing actually.
Finally I used the third melody as an inspiration for the vocals.

Anne-Marie did the video editing.

Hope you like it, comments are encouraged!


PS, if you see an ad appearing at the end of the video, that's my own ;-)


I count the days, I sit at night
I sense you near, somehow that feeling grows
another place, another town
the life I had, held me in chains

I want to go just where you'll lead me
I want to feel those things you do
I'm giving into the things I never knew
so please don't ever bring me down

cause I watched you close, time and again
all the things you won, all the things you lost
for the things you'll be, about the things you were
you'll dream at night, putting up a fight

I want to go there where you'll lead me
I want to feel the things you do
I will look at the things you're showing me
I want to feel where I belong

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We are Rob Meulman and Anne-Marie Bovenkamp from The Netherlands.

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