I just produced a session with a pianist, acoustic bassist and drummer, along with my flugelhorn solo and my wife’s vocal that were added later. I used my BIAB acoustic guitar RealTrack as the click track for the piano trio to play to, and it worked so well I left the guitar in the final mix.

This was one of my compositions (Pat and Mario heard it) to which my wife just wrote lyrics. Two professional guitarists I work with have now heard the final mixed track. Each one said, “Wow - great song! Who’s playing guitar”?

- proof once again that layering in BIAB tracks with real ones can work so well that it even fools pros who play that instrument.

ps This is much the same technique I used when I recorded my CD, using Brazil’s best jazz guitarist Romero Lubambo as the sort-of click track. It’s amazing that in the ten years since then, BIAB has improved to the point I could use BIAB instead! Thank you, PG Music.
BIAB 2020 Win Audiophile & 2020 Mac UltraPak. Software: Cakewalk, Adobe Audition CC, Notion; Win 10 64 Pro. Hardware: custom i7 16 Gb; Roland Integra-7, Focusrite 18i20(2), TCE Finalizer, Behringer X-Touch, Adam sub & monitors.