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Yeah! Nice one, Alan, you set a great mood with this piece. Trumpet is the cats meow! Strings sound perfect to me in the mix, but I'm no expert when it comes to strings.

Man, that midi piano sounds great! Which VSTi are you using on that?

Hi Dave,

Thanks so much for the listen and those great comments - they put a smile on my face! I'm happy you enjoyed your listen. I didn't have to mess with the trumpet track too much - it fell into place pretty quickly, other than the significant volume fluctuations. That was quite a chore!

The midi piano is an indigenous BIAB track, as follows -Instrument: 1 Piano. I worked it over in Audacity for quite some time but was happy with the results. I EQ'ed with emphasis on the middle high range, dropped the lower EQ a slight amount and added some plate reverb. It took me multiple attempts to get the right mix of those things.but, I think it was worth the time and effort.

Again, many thanks for kudos! Best to you,

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