Hi, friends !:))

Anachronistic, yes, that is this tune that
I am posting here. It depicts one special summer day
I once experienced at my place (I used to
live by the seaside on the outskirts of Helsinki)
looking out over the bay where I stood I did
see both sun, fog, rain and sun shining thru
dark clouds starting to float away from the scenery.
Where I stood I could see the Island with the name
of "Västertokan" far away in the distance, I could
see the fog rising slowly from the sea engulfing
the islands ahead of me oh so slowly just to later
dissipate in front of the blistering sun that came
shining firstly thru those dark clouds.

Well, this is not a song for the season, though somewhere
on this globe they probably are experiencing summer instead
of the winter that we can expect to come to us up
here in Helsinki any day now !

I wanted to post this so you could experience the
difference between the original recording (from my
record- with the title "Blickar Ut Över Fjärden") and
my recent version. I had to do this so you could get
a grip of what I was singing about with my two friends back then. The violins you hear are played by the artistic conductor
of the BBC orchestra, who knew my producer who had him
come over for those violin parts. The guitar is me and
the rest of the accompaniment is by some members from
a dance band !

The links

a) to the original version (in Swedish)from the record


b) to my recent version


Here is the translation from Swedish:

LOOKIN OUT OVER THE BAY (Music and Words by Norman Wibe)


Yes I´m lookin´out over the bay
I can see my Islands far far away
in the distance there´s the tokan yeah my old beloved toka ( Referring to the Island of Västertokan )
just east by Southsouthwest

Slowly daylight is closing down
behind the islands there´s a fog risin´on
it is rising from the sea now and it´s slowly yes so slowly
surrounding all the isles


And far out thru the thickenin´fog
you´ll hear the boats and ships afar just slowing their speed
and here and there a lonesome cry
sounds so fumbling, almost trembling
”I am here, over here”!!!!!


After fog comes the rain so light
drops are falling on the window, you might
even see the boats a-bobbin´by the bayside on the leeside
with anchors there a-way


The sea is pricked there full of holes
as thousands upon thousands of the raindrops hit their goals


Yes I stand by the seaside now
in the heaven there´s a rainbow I know
and against the dark horizon I can see the sun protruding
thru clouds a-fleein´fast, yes so fast
far away


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