Hi All.

This might be a trifle heavy for some. Best avoided if you're of a
nervous disposition!

It's actually a co-write with our son Neil.
It started out with just drums in Realband - RD Hip Hop at 84 bpm.
Neil came up with the basic guitar bed and I copied it on bass.
Next, we generated lots of drum fills and dropped them into the track -
think Ginger Baker, Keith Moon! Where we couldn't get exactly the fill
we wanted, to blend with the rhythm bed, we edited the individual
beats, still within Realband and finally we dropped the pitch of the
drum track by three semitones to give it more power.

Neil supplied the lead on the intro and I contributed the solo and some
ornamentation at the end. At this stage, I realised that the key Neil had
started in was going to push the vocal either a bit high, or very low,
but there was no way round that and as we wanted it to sound more like
AC/DC than Chris Rea we went for the high one. So here it is.
From start to finish in Realband. It's best if you can play it LOUD.

You could say you love her, the way you always do
Get down on your knees, swear that it's all true
You could say you're wounded, tell her that you're hurt
You could tell her anything but it wouldn't make it work
Because she hears only what she wants to.

You could take her diamonds, you could take her pearls
Take her on a trip to see the seven wonders of the world
Stand her in the moonlight by the Taj Mahal at night
You could take her anywhere but it wouldn't make it right
Because she sees only what she wants to.

Try some conversation, try to buy some time
Talk about commitment, try to see some sign
Ask for confirmation, ask her for her hand
You could ask for anything, but she wouldn't understand
Because she gives only what she wants to.

Many thanks, as always, to everyone who has the time to listen.