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Hi Alan. Did you see, Callie from PG Music just posted your comment? http://www.pgmusic.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=437960#Post437960

It’s also on the running PG Music News to the right, if you have that turned on.

Very nice! Congrats.

About my music, both Mario and John Ford above, and Pat Marr, have heard me live. I do have a studio CD I released in 2006, called Brazilian Wish. You can preview it on the website that is my two names together .com It is also on all the usual suspects for online music. Dr. Gannon gave me permission a long time ago to mention it because I wrote all nine songs on the CD using BIAB. Although the CD is played by all pros in the studios, I sent them charts and the BIAB song demos first so they would be better prepared to play what I wanted. It's a system I continue to use, including for most of the other ten CDs on which I appear. Since that time, BIAB added RealDrums then RealTracks, so the demos get better and better.

I don't recall exactly what I may have said about the Major 6th chord versus 6/9, but we could certainly resume that in another thread if you like. 6/9 is a staple in Brazilian jazz (and my compositions), and that's probably why I mentioned it. But there is more to it if you want to talk more. The 13th is the same pitch as a 6th, just voiced up an octave, so that gives you all kinds of additional possibilities in the upper extensions (you spoke of 'extending the scale'), although it adds a dominant feel because it also includes the minor (dominant) 7th.

Dear Mr. Finley...

I hope I am not intruding on this post...

You stated that the "6/9 is a staple in Brazilian jazz (and my compositions)". Is that knowledge you gained simply from playing/performing in that genre, or did you encounter some kind of theoretical instruction -- possibly in printable form -- that you consulted and then applied to your own music?

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