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GREAT WORK Dave!!! Everything in this reflects professionalism!! First of all the vocal is as good as it gets! I hope you realize how blessed you are to have this young lady singing your songs!! I'm sure you do! Next, the tone on that guitar is so good! I know that it took years to develop your sound! Also, I hear and appreciate all the subtle little touches in the song such as the work putting the percussion in just the right places and the faint/soft electric guitar I could hear panned left in my headset! You always produce excellent work and this is another fine example! Take care, Torrey

Thanks for noticing the subtle stuff, Torrey! I spent a lot of time working on that. And of course thanks for mentioning the tone on the guitar! smile

And yes, I do feel blessed to be working with Christiane, we have lots of fun working on these songs together.

However I should point out that they are not my songs, they are our songs. Lyrics and vocal melodies are always developed by her, and for this song she also played piano.

Thanks again, I appreciate it! smile