With the release of Band-in-a-Box® 2018 comes a brand-new RealBand® 2018 with over 50 new features, including:

Built-in Audio Chord Wizard detection in Chords Window ([Reinterpret Chords] button) will automatically detect the chords of the song, based on the audio data from all non-muted audio tracks. This works similar to the standalone Audio Chord Wizard, except that it uses the current bar lines of the existing song.

Windows Audio (WASAPI) driver format support. This allows for low latency audio recording/playback without requiring ASIO. Note: this supports 1 stereo input plus 1 stereo output at a time. For multiple inputs/outputs, you should continue to use either MME or ASIO.

X/8 time signature support - This a special method of displaying 6/8, 9/8,or 12/8 time signatures in the notation windows. If loading in a file one of these time signatures, RealBand will offer to convert the song to either 4/4 or 3/4 (in a way which won't affect how the timing of the song is heard, because we treat the 8th notes as triplets (40 ticks at a PPQ of 120) and not straight 8ths (60 ticks)) and then automatically set the notation window to display the song the corresponding x/8 format (either 6/8 split or 12/8 if the song was converted to 4/4, or 9/8 if the song was converted to 3/4). Note: 6/8 is displayed by splitting a larger 4/4 bar into two 6/8 bars. The reason this works is that an x/8 song is made up of 8th note triplets and not straight eighths. So, a 4/4 bar that as 3 eighth note triplets per beat (three 40 tick notes at 120ppq) sounds the same as a bar of 12/8 notation or the same as two bars of 6/8 notation.

AND MORE! Visit www.pgmusic.com/bbwin.new.htm and check out the RealBand® 2018 tab to review all the new features.

RealBand® 2018 is included in every Band-in-a-Box® 2018 purchase!
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