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Hi Floyd,

What a great song! The simplicity of the backing tracks was great idea so as not to detract from fabulous lyric. By far the story telling in the lyric shines above all else.

Also, the way the backing tracks gentle layered up in about halfway through just added to the anticipation of the remainder of the song - compels the listener to pleasantly wait for the ending.

I could have heard Tom T. singing this back in '75 or '76. I'm quite comfortable with analogizing this to a Tom T. Hall effort. He's one of the very best story songwriters in country music history and this is right up there. It can be difficult to hold the listeners' attention without a chorus and a somewhat repetitive verse. But you threw all that out the window and stamped this with an indelible "can't wait to hear it again" mark.

I could ramble on more with seemingly unending praise, but I think you get the point that I believe this is a fabulous song on all accounts and I simply love it.

Best to you and yours.


Alan - thanks for all of that. The story song seems to have been lost over the last few years. I really appreciate the Tom T reference....