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I like it very much Floyd.
As someone said, the lack of chorus may seem odd at first, but it does add power to the storytelling element.
Great job. Wow.

Thanks, Jon. Appreciate that. Just listened to your latest - a Wow right back at ya....

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Did we just hear a lost Prine write?

Never noticed the lack of a chorus as the arrangement is perfect for the story and supporting imagery.

The build and variety of instruments is extremely effective and indicative of a heckuva mix.

The vocal was perfect and full of, as Janice said, “richness.”

Many singer songwriters would be delighted to have one or two tunes like this in their repertoire but, man, you are a cornucopia!


PS We used to talk to an elderly lady, Pearl, who much reminds us of your story.

smile - I never thought of this as one of my "Prine inspired songs" (I've had many)... more a Jerry Jeff Walker thing, I think... Thanks for the nice review...