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Another great tune. I just love your songs. The story behind this one is really cool and the way you tell the story is great.

Thanks, Samuel - appreciate that...'

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Don't think I didn't notice that you "missed" answering my questions. wink

I'm on to you. I'm like the FBI meets Band In A Box. I'm the FBIAB?

You know how I feel about the song. LOVE IT!

smile smile smile


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Floyd Jingles

by David Snyder


I knew a man his name was Floyd
he played the blues
in worn out shoes
cranky guy, hit writing man
from Florida
he paid his dues

and when he wrote a song
when he wrote a song
it just made me cry


Oh those Floyd Jingles
Oh those Floyd Jingles
Oh those Floyd Jingles...


Words and Music 2017 by David "Jeff" Snyder

Can you hear it man???


OK... I'm expecting the other 8 verses of this... smile

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Very well written. And the music evokes a sunset on the ocean.

Wonderful song!

Thanks, Lawrence! We need to see you more often!!!