When the end comes...will you be ready?

a co-write with Bill Osofsky


RealTracks in song: 541:Bass, Electric, Pop Sw 190
RealTracks in song: 946:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm MemphisCleanShort Sw 190
RealTracks in song: 945:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm MemphisCleanSustain Sw 190
RealTracks in song: 948:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm MemphisDirtyMuted Sw 190
RealTracks in song: 589:Banjo, Bluegrass Doc Ev 100 (Rhythm)
RealTracks in song: 436:Mandolin, Soloist Bluegrass Ev 130
RealTracks in song: 597:Guitar, Acoustic, Soloist Bluegrass Doc Ev 100
RealDrums in style: NashvilleSwing8^2-a:Sidestick, HiHat , b:Snare, Ride


i gotta see a client he told her as he left
but he went off to sin at the holiday inn
where he died an embarrassing death
the police returned his brass chain
that's where his keys were
so she checked the big shack
that he built out back
to see what he'd been hidin' from her
well she opened up the door
this is what she saw

a dozen cases of miller beer
a browning that he used for deer
a muddy pair of wading boots
16 boxes of red man chew
peanut butter, jam and bread
out there in the shed

she never knew her buford to be the type to hoard
and she didn't expect that he actu'ly kept
the junk he didn't need no more
his closet was clean, the garage shined like a pearl
she thought she'd find cash and some valuables stashed
to run off with with some other girl
well she took a step inside
couldn't believe her eyes

there's a generator, extention cords
penny nails and two by fours
bottled water, powdered milk
m&m's, aspirin pills
gauze and tape, needles and thread
out there in the shed.

and over in the corner
well, it almost made her cry
a chair with his name and a chair with hers
sittin' side by side

she settled in that chair and took a look around

cans of corn beans and beets
turkey jerky, freeze dried beef
survival books, a hunting knife
hostess twinkies fresh for life
come armegedon they'd be fed
out there in the shed

all prepared for armaged-don
out there in the shed


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