Hi Floyd & Bill,

Well, I was surprised as heck to see Bill's name there! I've casually known Bill since about 2006. Even wrote a song for a young lady he was working with back then. Hi Bill - it was great to see your name again!

You guys did a super job on the write! You never know what you'll find in those sheds out back. Loved the two chairs part:

and over in the corner
well, it almost made her cry
a chair with his name and a chair with hers
sittin' side by side

That's really, really good! I enjoyed the use of the traditional instruments of Americana/Country/Folk lineage. Had to listen to it twice ... too good for just one listen!

As far as when the end gets here ... I' guess we'll see!

Keeping my comments brief tonight. As Di gets better - I've got the flu! Feel terrible.

Merry Christmas to both of you.


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