You can please everybody.

Song for Everyone

By David Snyder and Tater Totts

A Special 2017 Christmas Band-in-A-Box Commercial Advertisement and Promotion

On How to Please Anyone, Anywhere at Any Time


Hey there, this is Tater Totts
And they tell me you can’t please everybody in this world
but I don’t think that is true anymore
Because I got myself Band in a Box
And I feel sure I can please just about anybody I want to
and here’s how I do it


Girl, I know you think I’m the worst man
That you ever seen
But by time Christmas is over, I’m gonna be your dream


Cause girl I’m gonna give you all kinds of Christmas bling
And girl you know I’m gonna let you hold my…
Let you hold my ring
Girl, I’m gonna give you all kinds of country hip hop
Christmas bling


Cause I got more love, more love and soul
In the world than anyone
And girl, I’m gonna sing my
Song for Everyone


Yeah girl you know I’ll be singing my song for everyone
You know I will
Gonna give you all kinds of Christmas bling
With some zing zing
And some ding a ling
And girl you might think I’m the worst thing that you’ve ever seen
But by time Christmas is over
You’re gonna dig my scene


Cause I got more love
Than anyone under the sun
And I’m gonna be singing
Gonna be singing my Song for Everyone!!

More unintelligible gibberish...hard to transcribe

To sound this great, please call Band in a Box Sales: 800-268-6272 and mention David Snyder and Tater Totts as often as you can.

This is in no way connected to any under-handed and self aggrandizing effort to get more Christmas credit for Band in a Box. This is straight up legit.

Featuring: Tater Totts, L’il Kid Snoopy, Bootay, Jason Aldoon, and a guest appearance by David Snyder

Real Tracks in Song: Every Real Track Available in the Real Band Ultra Pak Country Hip Hop Party Pak

Produced by: No One Stepping Up
copyright 2017 by David Snyder
David Snyder
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