Hello, forum friends. Happy New Year to all!

This is my first post for 2018.
At the end of last December, our music circle held a regular recording session scheduled twice a year.
The session consists of two parts, the students’ session and the teachers’ session.
This song was written for the students’ session.
I would like to introduce you two versions with the same score, which are the BIAB (all MIDI) version and the live band version.
Any comments encouraged.
Always welcome.

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Shigeki Adachi

Title: 愁雨(しゅうう) ~時が止まるほどに~
(Translation: Melancholy Rain ; As if the time stopped)

Vocal: Tsuyoshi Tamada (our music circle friend)

Link of BIAB version:

Link of Live Band version:

Style MIDI Instruments are :
Acoustic Piano (1) assigned to Acoustic Piano (Steinberg The Grand3),
Fretless Bass (36) assigned to Fretless Bass (EastWest Colosus),
Pad Slow (90) assigned to strings (EastWest Symphonic Orchestra),
MIDI Drums :41 Brushes Kit (41) assigned to Drums (Toontrack Superior Drummer),
Additional 1st violins (EastWest Symphonic Orchestra),
Additional Oboe (EastWest Symphonic Orchestra)
Additional Timpani & Cymbal Roll (EastWest Symphonic Orchestra),
Scored by me.

Summary of lyrics:

You have a shallow sleep by my side
I hug your shoulder and I quietly murmur
Where your heart will return

Please do not wake up in my arms as you are
The time we can touch each other is confined to only now
Our love is just like a castle of sand that fleetingly disappears.

No matter how painful it will be
If I can get you eternally
I will accept losing everything in this heavy rain

In the back of your eyes gazing at me
Please teach me if I can leave my trace there
How strong I should hug you

You will close your door with no hesitation in front of me
When you whispered “Goodbye”
Your lips will be changing to ice petals little by little

I want to grab the future with you with this wound exposed
I do not mind I will be melting in the night
Taking away even a little warmth between us