We recently shared the project we worked on with Floyd Jane: The Birth of a Song with a short (under 6 min) video link.

But it can take longer than 5 minutes to explain the songwriting process! The project is complete, and in this extended version of the video (it's over an hour long!), Songwriter Floyd Jane shows in detail the songwriting process from inspiration to performance and publication. (YouTube link: https://youtu.be/qPrejgnwb4M)

The idea for this project came about when many members on this forum and elsewhere were asking questions about the song writing process. There are many aspects, and many parts of it necessary to create a song, get it arranged, performed, and then published on the internet. So we asked the great songwriter Floyd Jane, who is a regular member on this forum, if he could help. Floyd agreed and was even able to collaborate with other forum members, Janice and Bud. The result is this video we put together that you can see on YouTube, called "The Birth of a Song (w/Floyd Jane)".

We hope this video helps other songwriters with their songwriting process, and also shows them tools that are available to them along the way. Also, we mention this User Showcase Forum, and hope to see many new aspiring or accomplished songwriters join this community blush

A big Thank You to Floyd for sharing your knowledge with the community and making this possible, and to Janice and Bud for your great collaboration!

Here is Floyd's original forum post for his song "A Little Bit Of Me": http://www.pgmusic.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=433190

Check out Floyd / Janice & Bud’s music here:

Table of contents for the full length video:
1 - The Challenge - 01:23
2 - Inspiration for the Song - 01:57
3 - The Musical Hook - 02:58
4 - Writing the Lyrics - 03:21
5 - Writing the Chorus - 04:29
6 - Taking a Break and Refining the Lyrics - 05:53
7 - Adding the Musicians and Creating the Arrangement with Band-in-a-Box® - 10:56
8 - Exporting the Band-in-a-Box® Tracks to use in Studio One - 26:10
9 - Using Studio One to Record the Vocals - 26:59
10 - Importing Band-in-a-Box® tracks to Studio One - 29:14
11 - Microphone Setup - 32:51
12 - Recording the Vocals - 37:57
14 - Creating the Guitar Solo in Band-in-a-Box® - 42:43
15 - Recording the Electric Guitar Lick - 47:07
16 - Mastering the Song in Sound Forge & Follow up - 47:35
17 - Uploading Finished Song to SoundCloud - 51:09
18 - Posting to the Band-in-a-Box® "User Showcase Forum" - 53:53
19 - Concluding Thoughts - 58:28
20 - "A Little Bit Of Me" Music Video - 1:00:13

The original shorter version of this video:
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