Noel - Thanks for reading it. We hope to see some more video tracks on the forum soon

Charlie - I would think that to include a video of yourself WITHOUT using an external video editing program would prove a little more difficult than my method. You would need to edit your own video very precisely (so that it starts at exactly the same time as the video Realtracks) before importing into Band-in-a-Box.

Mike - Thanks and let me know how you get on with NCH Videopad. To me it is a very powerful video editing program and lets me doing everything I want to do to make music videos.

Deryk - Thanks and I hope it will inspire others to try out this great new feature.

Floyd - Thanks for suggesting I do a blog post. I don't think I would otherwise have through of doing it. It was indeed a bit of a juggling act. In retrospect, I think it would have been easier to include all 6 video tracks in one video out of Band-in-a-Box and to leave a "blank space" to drop in the video of me recording vocals at a later stage (using my video editing software). I hope you try it out and I will definitely be doing more.

Lambada - yes I think the "jumping" is because PG music would somehow have to splice together millions of pieces of video of the original artists into one video. Tou can imagine that it somehow has to be coherent for MY choice of chords, key and tempo. Blows my mind actually and I think they have done an amazing job.

Ember - It is me that should thank you guys at PG Music for all the dedication in bringing us the VERY best in music generation software.