Thanks guys, I'm glad you enjoyed!

FWIW, a while back I was considering recording and uploading and entire course/YouTube series on learning bass--everything from learning intervals by use of that incredible option to have the scale degrees display in the notes themselves), reading tempo notation (which I can do in tandem with the tab for the notes themselves).

The beauty of using BiaB to learn bass specifically, is that for bass you need to internalize different types of lines based on how many measures a chord repeats, and which chord degrees precede and follow the measure you are playing. With guitar, it's rare that you have to "bridge" the measures.

For example, just playing a root-5 pattern might work over 2 bars, but you'll have to throw something else in to spice it up if it goes on any longer than that. And when playing chord transition fills--you need to take into account how many degrees you are ascending or descending. Will you 'walk' up or down the scale or will you arpeggiate? Will you use chromatic notes?

With BiaB, entering the exact number of measures you like, and the specific scale degrees you select your chords from, you can have it generate basslines with just about any possible permutation. Forcing the track to simple is a great feature for beginners, and then they can use the bar settings to have the bass stop playing-or use the wood-shedding feature--to come up with their own lines...
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