This may have been requested before, but I didn't go back into the time machine and it can't hurt to re-iterate it.

When reading in a BIAB file into RealBand, if you use a style with RealTracks, you end up with empty MIDI tracks (which are presumably the underlying MIDI tracks upon which the RealTracks were overlaid). I don't know why we need these and it wastes several tracks. you can only get rid of them if you convert to "regular tracks". Why can't the engine just overlay the RealTracks onto the underlying MIDI tracks rather than creating a blank track and a RealTrack audio track? That way, you would consistently end up with at most eight tracks from BIAB (bass, piano, drums, guitar, strings, melody, soloist, and audio), as opposed to 12 or 13, with several completely blank tracks.

I think a lot of users would appreciate this. It seems to me it could even happen under the hood if there were some sort of technical reason for how it is now (for example, use track 48 as a "work" track, create track 1(the legacy bass track), generate the RealTrack on track 48, delete anything on track 1 and change from MIDI track to mono or stereo audio track (depending upon the RealTrack), copy track 48 to track 1, then delete track 48. The user will now just see track 1 as an audio bass track, as opposed to track 1 as an empty MIDI track and track 9 as the audio RealTrack. This seems pretty easy programmatically to me, but what do I know?

Just a thought.

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