Well expressed Jim.

I use the Xtra Styles religiously for production. I have all 4 sets and would not live without them. When they go on sale for $29 bucks I think they are a steal. There are like 150 premixed, amazing "productions in the can" per Xtra styles set just waiting for a chord chart. You can't order lunch in a recording studio for $29 bucks. At the normal price they are still a bargain and more.

I keep a link to the Xtra styles on my bookmarks folder, and when I am looking for a sound to a new song idea I have, I just flip through the Xtra style demo samples on the web, usually find something in 10 minutes, have a song sketched out in 20.

The sounds and productions are so good with the audiophile version I do precious little with them after that except for very judicious EQ and minimal effects.

I LOVE the Xtra styles. A producer's dream.
David Snyder
Audiophile Everything + Studio + Instruments + Fingers