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The Traveller

Realtracks used:

Acoustic Guitar: 692
Bass: 683

EZDrummer2: Drums and Percussion

I added three electric guitar tracks; two tele tracks and a strat for the intro lead and solo.

Mixed and mastered using reaper with plugins from Waves, iZotope, LMC, and S-Gear

THE TRAVELLER (2018, Christiane Spruit)
a world outside my window
a world behind my eyes
I drive the unknown highway
drawn in by the lights
all right
check in within 1oo Miles
leaving no track and ride
into the presence of my mind
you said I am always leaving
when it is getting rough
you know that I am a traveller
no I can't get enough
(check in within 200 miles)
I never meant to hurt you
Never ment to to you harm
but I am just a visitor
there is no home in my heart
(check in within 300 miles)

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