Something a little different from Christiane and me, sort of a 70s soul vibe:

The Blue Line

The band:

Drums: Soul70sEv16^1-a:ClsdHHtSn, b:BusyBss, also see (*) below
Bass: 1433:Bass, Electric, JazzFunkGroovin Ev16 110
Organ: 2619:Organ, Rhythm Funk Ev 100

I'm playing the guitar parts

(*) For the third chorus I needed something different for the drums, so I used EZDrummer2 to build that 8 bar segment

Mixed with reaper using plugins from Waves and iZotope, mastered with Ozone 8 and LMC

EDIT: Uploaded a new mix, and also uploaded to soundcloud.

The Blue Line (2018, Christiane Spruit)

New day dawn
in the limelight
Sun will drag the gloom behind the blue line

Buildings high
at the skyline
waiting for the people to get online

I guess it's just a feeling in the city
People come and go and passing by
I have pondered for a while, but found no answer
Don't or do I feel alive?

Busy Bees
they get the honey
Wear a decent dress to get the money

Camera eyes, mesmerize
a company that offers you free wi-fi


Buildings high
scrape the skyline
Sun will drag the gloom behind the blue line

A neon sign
Selling you a dream in supersize


Outro vamp: Don't or do I feel alive

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