Not sure if this is really a parody of a specific song, more of a spoof of the 6m 4 1 5 genre in various orders.
And of course my hatred of Corn Syrup based pancake syrup! Real Maple Syrup Only!

Karo momma always gave us Karo,
maple syrup is no bueno,
that is always why she say no.
Tastes of nothing I can say oh
No flavor , I can't take mo

All I want is just some maple surple
No more cereal that only tastes purple
On my pancakes or maybe some bacon
Hurry up because my belly is aching
I need a tasty sugar fix right now.

Karo, momma always gave us Karo,
maple syrup she no pay for
Though we scream, she always say no.
Might as well be eatin play dough.
tastes the same and it must go.

Maple syrup is the most perfect food
tastes great on every pyramid group.
Nothing better with fresh cooked bacon,
chicken biscuit, tater skins be a makin.
Don't want nothing with no Karo.