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Which artist should pitch this song to?

If I were thinking of pitching this toward any popular country artist today I would elevate the production to a professional grade demo in order to be competitive with the other material that will pitched. There's a lot of competition and every artist and producer already have a long list of go to writers when they start a project.

I went back and listened to your song with the idea to who would be a good match to pitch the song to make a professional, studio quality, full featured demo.

I'd recommend Joe Gilder for two reasons.

First, I think Joe is a good fit for this particular song and although Joe is technically a home studio recordist, he's first class and can produce top studio grade demos. He's based in Nashville and knows the market.

Second, your demo will be charted and recorded with actual Nashville session musicians focused toward a production that's specific toward the modern country sound. (One of Joe's team members is actually a BIAB RealTrack artist )

Here's a link to one of Joe's originals to give you an idea of what to expect he can do for your song and also so you can judge the difference you'll be getting to increase your competitive opportunities when you pitch your song.

Someone To Blame_Joe Gilder Original
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