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I'm doing another 5 songs in 5 days songwriting challenge. This was day 2. It's a little bluesy and I really like it so I thought I would share it here. Let me know what you think.

Real Tracks:
1546: Bass, Electric,Country Swing
673:Oragan, B3, Background Blues BB
2905:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Bright Bluesy Pop Colin
2687:Guitar, Electric, Soloist Blues Slow Even Brent Simple
RealDrums=Blues Rock Shuffle

In the city of N'awlins they say the spirits never sleep.
They all come out round midnight. By the Quarter's where they creep.
You can hear their gritty voices howling down to Canal Street.

On dark and foggy nights you can sometimes see their shadows
Strolling down an alley neath the iron streetlights' glow.
Their there and then there gone. Where they go nobody knows.

Some say that it’s the music. The sweet soul soothing jazz.
Or maybe it’s the hoodoo that keeps drawing them back.

If your ever in N'awlins. Best be careful where you go.
Wouldn’t want to wind up dead son. The city might just steal your soul.
And you’ll end up much like me. Just another ghost.

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Samuel Davis Jr
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