The Ale Of Happiness (Beer Aria)

This drinking song has an interesting backstory: the chorus melody came to me in a dream in which a friend put a song into the record player saying that this is a real ear worm. And so it was: in the dream I sang it with enthusiasm until I woke up and the next 2 hours I could not sleep because the melody was playing insistently in my head. Maybe I stole it from someone, who knows?

I didn't catch the lyrics in the dream, originally I had something like 'Eat eat eat, eat the pill of happiness' (in Finnish), but then there was a drinking song contest on a local forum and I realize that this song was perfect fit for it. It got the 2nd place, but very close to winning...

And now I have made an English version to be your nuisance smile My not so good vocals, I wish someone with a husky 'beer' voice would sing this... but I hope you enjoy the cheerful message anyway laugh

RealDrums: TechnoGrime

Electric bass #1009
Electric guitar #1762, #2625, #2756, #2759, #573, #1850, #2687 (solo)
Fiddle #1787
Harmonica #578

+bottle and foot sound effects

Vocals by me

Mixed in Adobe Audition 2018

Let's all sing in perfect beat
in the sauna heat
the soul of nectar slowly drips
hear its hiss on our lips
rehearsing voices brightly hum
the crooning butler beats the drum
the pouring beer delivers vim and
power to this hymn.

Drink drink drink
drink the ale of happiness
and everybody hears you sing
the pleasures of excess.
Drink drink drink
drink the lager of delight
your mug of schlagers shall be filled up
to the brim tonight.

echoes fly to every ear:
the aria for beer.

Let's all sing this chant aloud
all the tavern crowd
malt flows through the pipes of beers
merriment in engineers
dancing on the golden waves
in the toilet interior
amateurs not feeling fear
the choir of our cheer.

Drink drink drink...

Drink drink drink...

A pair of wobbling ducks arrived
to the sheets they dived
then in the wake-up blues
two smiling cockatoos
recalling in a shared bunk
how singing made them drunk.


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