State Lines (Video)
State Lines (audio only)

Five years ago this song represented our complete departure from bluegrass (or heavily bluegrass influenced) productions. We had just completed a couple of collabs with floyd jane and he had set us on our new production journey with lots of mix counsel including mastering via Ozone. Thanks mr jane!

Time passes, things change and hopefully we have all grown regarding our production chops so we felt that it was worth revisiting the mix, etc.

We started from scratch with new effects on all tracks and and several completely new tracks. It was originally mixed in GarageBand and we had to move the entire production to Logic Pro X. And the video is also new.

Bluesy country with a hint of jazz, we guess smile

It’s a very simple little 12 bar ditty (lyrically and chord wise) but we hope you like it and always welcome your thoughts and appreciate your time to listen.

Vocal: Janice, Rodes NT1 interfaced to iMac via Scarlett 212 / Nectar 2
Bass RT 482: Acoustic Jazz Ballad / Neutron 2 / Waves Bass Rider
Drums: Nashville Brushes Shuffle / Waves CLA / Neutron 2
Guitar RT 1795: Acoustic Rhythm Dixieland / Neutron 2 / EMT 140 Reverb
Guitar RT 968: Electric Rhythm Country Swing / Neutron 2
Guitar RT 1514: Electric Solo Country
Piano RT 2047: Acoustic Rhythm Country Swing /Neutron 2 / EMT 140 Reverb
Piano RT 1884: Acoustic Solo Country / Neutron 2 / EMT 140 Reverb

Note: All solos and fills were comped from multiple tracks in an attempt to get a bluesy feel out of several country tracks and to make some ev parts play nice with the shuffle feel (or so I hope).

Mix: Logic Pro X
Mastering: Waves Multi-band Compressor and Ozone 8 (Limiter module only)
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