Hello all!

I swear I have seen a post on this subject but cannot find it anywhere.

I added 2 realtrack soloists (1339 Slide and 1957 sax) to generate different "takes" that I will bring into Cubase to comp and create my solos. In the mean time I added bars to the end of the song to create room for these two soloists to "battle".

Now neither soloist tracks will generate anything for the added bars??? They generate for the rest of the song just not added bars. I have frozen and unfrozen, removed realtrack and added back in, changed realtrack to other soloist. No luck with anything.

Tried RealBand but no audio was on those bars so I couldn't multiriff or anything. I don't know how to add audio to those bars if you can even do that? All my DAW work is done in Cubase.

All other realtracks generate to the end, drums, bass and 697 guitar. I'm using style _railyrd.sty. I'm using BIAB 2018 the current version.

Any thoughts or can someone lead to a post that had a solution?

Thanks very much!
Focusrite 2i2 2nd Gen
Windows 10 pro 1709 16299.125
Intel core i7 6700k CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.01 GHz
16 gig memory
BIAB UltraPak version is 2021 (Latest)
Cubase pro 9