I will be your Doggie

Remix; using _WILDONE.STY plus RT591 banjo, and a collage of various pieces taken from Andy Leftwich's Mandolin soloists, and Rob Ickes Dobro RTs. Should have been an easy way out LoL, but was more work than expected ... the sometimes sloppy dirt from two e-guitars, and the fanatic sometimes Animal-like drummer used in the _WiLDONE.sty made a change to the lot. The whooing is not an RT, but done with Realivox 'the Ladies', bought on an x-mas blackfriday sale.


I Will Be Your Doggie © Artspurg SABAM ’89

Friends I’m deeply troubled, I need your help you see
My baby’s got a doggie, forgetting about me
Ever since she’s got that thing, she’s treating me like dirt
So I’m a little jealous, I’m a little hurt

Let me tell you sweetie
I am a loyal friend
Change the way you see me
I say, let it end

I done me some thinking, and yes I saw the light
The way my baby’s acting, something there’s not right
Guess I’ll have to change myself, into something new
I’ll grow a tail, learn to bark, call me Old Dog Blue

Don’t you see my darling
I’m a loyal friend
I will be your doggie
I’ll jump, each time you command

Now baby please remember, see that I’m kept right
Feed me bones and cookies, walk me day and night
Scratch my back catch a flea, that will never fail
And then when you put out the cat, watch me wag my tail

Don’t you see my baby
I’m a loyal friend
I’m a faithful doggie
I’ll jump, each time you command
Change the way you see me, I say, oh yeah,
I say, oh yeah, let it end …

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