9. No drivers are listed in the MIDI Driver Setup dialog.

If you won't be recording MIDI or playing live from an external MIDI synth it is ok if you don't have a MIDI Input driver. It just means that a MIDI input device is currently not installed on your computer, which is quite common.

If you don't have any output drivers listed there, or you don't see a driver that you suspect should be there (input or output), close RealBand and try deleting the files RealBand.INI and RB.CFG from the RealBand folder (usually C:\RealBand). This will restore many of the program's factory settings. You can save a backup of those files before deleting them, in case this doesn't solve the problem and you think you might want to restore your previous settings. When you next launch RealBand, the MIDI Driver Setup dialog should come up automatically. If there are still no drivers there, this means that for whatever reason, the driver isn't installed on your computer. (On Windows XP and earlier operating systems, you can verify this by checking the Windows Control Panel. On Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000, go to Start | Settings | Control Panel | Multimedia -or- Sounds and Multimedia | MIDI. On Windows XP, go to Start | Control Panel | Sounds and Audio Devices | Audio, and look under MIDI Playback).

You will likely need to re-install your sound card or MIDI interface drivers. You can usually download the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website.

Note that MIDI Output Drivers are different from DXi and VSTi synths. DXi and VSTi synths do not show up as MIDI Output drivers. For example, the VSC-DXi will not show up as an 'output driver'. To use a DXi/VSTi synth, click the "re-route MIDI playback to default synth" checkbox or assign DXi synths to tracks individually. There is more information in this FAQ topic.

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