45. How can I split specific notes or other events out of one track and move them to a different track?

If for example, you wanted to move all of the kick drum notes from your drum track, you would first select the whole track, then choose Cut from the Edit menu. Make sure the "Use Data Filter" box is checked. When the Data Filter dialogue comes up, make sure that only "notes" is checked, and change the note range to "C2" through "C2" (C2 is the kick drum 1 for General Midi).

Once the cut is completed, select your destination track, and choose 1-Track Paste from the Edit menu. This should paste only the kicks into the new track, and leave the original track "kickless". Note that the Data Filter can be used in a similar way to cut and paste other types of events in your track, not just notes.

Alyssa - PG Music