Hi everybody,

I’m not quite sure wether I’m at all allowed to post this ‘cry for help’ here, but I know that you all have audio recording stuff, so at least technically this is the right place to be.

I just finished another song, and now I’m working on the associated (pretty funny) video.

For the intro of this video I need a short audio recording of a female native English speaker reading a couple of lines as a TV host, who later will be played by my wife Maha moving her lips in sync.

I realize that this is a pretty weird request, but maybe your wife, fiancee, girl friend, daughter, mother, aunt or niece would like to be in on this... smile

Of course I’d be very grateful if you could help me - in order to keep the forum ‘clean’, I think it’ll be best to contact me by sendiing a Personal Message.

Thanks a lot in advance.