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Hi Alan,

This is terrific! It overflows with 'happy' energy. I found everything about this very entertaining to the point that I was mesmermised. When the clip ended, I found myself wishing there was more.

Like yourself (and others), I thought the ending let the journey down a little bit. While it's functional, I think that there's probably a better ending out there somewhere just waiting to be discovered.

As an alternative option to the fade out, an ending that I'd try is...

1. leave the mandolin and let it end as is

2. freeze the mandolin track

3. enter into Song Settings and de-activate the 2-bar ending

4. extend the song for 4-6 bars past the bar that contains the mandolin ending

5. put a "Hold all instruments" chord (i.e. X...) either 1 or 1.5 bars later than the bar that contains the mandolin ending

6. generate and see if the modified ending fits

I just tried the above with the demo file for RT1862 (soloist mandolin) and it made the ending a little less abrupt. I've found that the freeze function opens the door to heaps of possibilities.

To get the best effect, the song should be around 4 bars longer than the bar with the hold chord to allow for natural decay.

I'm going back for another listen now!

All the best to both you and Di. You really are incredible people smile


P.S. Congratulations on the Songtradr placement! You deserve every success that comes your way!

Hi Noel,

Your comments are always music to my ears! I'm more than delighted you liked this. And thank you so much for your detailed suggestion - gonna work on that tonight and see what happens. I'm very appreciative of your time and effort with that explanation.

I can't change the track Songtradr accepted, but still, it's worth the effort to try to redo the ending for the indigenous integrity of the song. I've been doing okay at Songtradr - I've had three songs accepted to the advertiser boards and two songs sent to the music supervisors of their projects (film, commercial, etc.). Neither supervisor selected my referrals from Songtradr, but it was nice to have listened to by persons in their capacity. Sometimes they remember a name when searching for another project.

Again, thank you so much for everything. Hope all is maintaining well in your world. I'm doing fine.


PS: Di says "Hi Noel! I, too, appreciate you liking our music."
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