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So enjoyable, right from the first “dive” into the minor key, reminded me of a stroll through the countryside. Shows how much you can get out of BIAB with skillful selections of style, instruments, RT’s, etc. With seasoned judgment about overall shape of the track, you’ve made it interesting...I’ve found that letting BIAB self-generate, sometimes you get predictable, less-than-interesting outcomes..but you made something quite perky and pleasing. For the ending, I would substitute 4 bars of that minimal intro, ending in a stop, if that makes sense. Great post, Alan.


Thank you very much! I'm g;ad you found it pleasing. I rarely use styles "as is":. I would guess I average, in total, 3-4 hours trying various tracks and finding the ones the meld fairly well. It's definitely interesting and sometimes gives my ideas for other music projects under construction.

The song has already been accepted for an opportunity to which I submitted. I was advised to keep it as is because of that. But I might do what you and Noel suggested just for my own purposes. I appreciate your suggestion - sounds like a good variation. Many thanks! And best to you.

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