Yep... this is a good song. Old style, "real" country music.

Love the singer's voice. That's a great match up for this song.

I like to listen before I read what others have said and I have to agree with Sammy Davis ... I thought this before I read his comment.

The steel competes with the vocal. My general rule of thumb is that if there's a vocal happening, I want a very solid rhythm behind them but nothing that distracts. Use a volume envelope to pull the steel totally out when the singer is on, and let the steel do some fills in the space in between. I also recommend switching out the steel with something like a piano for fills in the second verse. Keep the song-scape interesting. Think of the fill instruments as candy. A little bit is good... too much and... well you know the story.

A really good song. Work some more on the production. This song is about 85% done... fix the production and take it all the way.
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Add nothing that adds nothing to the music.

As the sword chooses the warrior, so too, the song chooses the writer.