Dance Delihla Dance

I hope no one minds me posting one so soon after the previous one. I may not get to post another one for a week or two as Di's health continues to decline and she requires more and more attention.

As far as the spelling of "Delihla" - I'm aware that's not the common spelling of the name. But the daughter of a friend spells hers that way and I decided to use it as such. She was very happy!

I really have no idea about genre for this one. It has some gypsy, folk, pop, tin pin alley elements, but they seem to be equally divided in characteristic weight. I have to call it something when I load it up on Songtradr! Of course, any other comments are welcome. All tracks are acoustic Real Tracks and I simply molest the vocals.

To me, this has somewhat of a Leon Redbone sound, except I can't sing that quirky way he does.

The other stuff:

Title: _THROTLE Demo - Throttle Acoustic Rckabilly Solo
File:Dance Delihla Dance.SGU
Key=C#m, Tempo 190, Length (m:s)=3:22

Style is _THROTLE.STY (Throttle Acoustic Rckabilly Solo)

RealTracks in style: 2907:Bass, Acoustic, RockabillySwingByron Sw 190
RealTracks in style: 1868:Guitar, Resonator, Soloist WesternSwingRob Sw 165
RealTracks in style: 2520:Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking BoomChickSlowJoe Sw16 085 (Simple)
RealTracks in style: 2519:Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking BoomChickSlowHighJoe Sw16 085 (Simple)
RealTracks in song: ~611:Mandolin, Rhythm Fast Chop Sw 190
Loop in Song: Metronome\Jazz - swing_168e_ride_hat2 sw8.wav
RealDrums in style: RockabillySwing^04-a:SideStick 8th, b:Tom 8th

Dance Delihla Dance
© 2018 Alan D. David, BMI / Diana Randall, BMI

On Friday nights she appears, at the bar on Fourth and Grand
The sun’s asleep while the stars shine bright and cast a mystic trance
The crowd makes way, the men all shout, when she steps onto the floor
The band strikes up an eerie sound and Delihla starts to dance

Dance Delihla dance, you drive the men all wild
Dance Delihla dance, as you flash that wicked smile
You twirl your skirt, laugh and flirt, some say you’re Satan’s child
Dance Delihla dance, you drive the men all wild

She blew into town one night, with a late September storm
She roped the wind, called its bluff, and rode it through the fray
Like a shadow in the dark, she refuses to be found
No one knows where she stays, or where she spends the day



If she is the devil’s kin, there ain’t a man who cares
They’d sell their soul for any price, just to see her dance
She leaves a veil of mystic glow, with every move she makes
Each one thinks he’ll be one, to get that special glance



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