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Alan...loved the Redbone homage! I saw him in person a number of years ago, and his unique style & personality is always somewhere there in my creative memory...loved this approach.

How cool to hear a 'new' style, created from imagination like this...I think it was great.

Your choice of RT's and other components was right on, totally supported the idea you're wanting to get across.

I don't know about 'vocal molestation'; I think it was just right for this song!


I'm envious - would love to see him in person. I first saw him on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show back in the 80s. I've been a fan for more years than I can remember. Thank you for those very kind words. I experiment with altering many of the BIAN styles - sometimes it works out okay. He's the only famous musician I know of originally from the Island of Cypress.

Unlike my wife, Di, vocals are always my weak point. I have a very limited vocal range and somewhat monotoned. She can sing anything in almost any key - well, she could before her health tanked a few years back. This one came out halfway decent I guess. Vocal processors are some of my best friends!

Many thanks! Best to you.

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