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This song was written in samba rhythm for the ballroom dancing CD about 5 years ago.
This time, I will post the original recording of that time without doing remix.
I wrote it in Brazilian samba style.
It is the samba version of the tango song that I posted about 2 and half years ago. (https://www.pgmusic.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=49945&Number=343729#Post343729 )
So, it has the same melody as the tango song.

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Shigeki Adachi

Title: 真夏のカーニバル(Translation: Midsummer Carnival)

Vocal: Natsuki Yoshikawa, our local jazz vocalist


Link of the tango version;

Style is SERGIO1.STY Sergio 1 - 70s Latin Pop (MIDI)
Fender Bass(34) played with Eastwest Goliath
Acoustic Piano(1) played with Steinburg The Grand2 and Eastwest Goliath(Rhodes Piano) mixed
Nylon String Guitar(25) played with Eastwest Goliath
MIDI Drums played with Eastwest Goliath
Additional Latin Percussion played with Latigo
Additional Brass section played with Eastwest Goliath
Additional String section played with Eastwest Symphonic Orchestra
Scored by me

Summary of lyrics:

Samba, samba!
What a passionate dance
Latin bloods will cause an uproar gathered in the square

Sunburned skins, sweet words, enchanting rhythm
Girls, let guys be mad and dance until morning

Viva! we have a summer carnival tonight
Let’s go barefoot and continue dancing now

Intent gaze, splashing sweat
Let’s leave everything behind
Black eyes, silvering moonlight
The carnival is reaching the culmination

Samba, samba!
If our eyes meet, we will instantly fall in love
And something wonderful will begin

Girls, decorate your long hairs with red flowers
Become beasts and flutter the spiral staircase

Viva! we have a summer carnival tonight
Let’s go barefoot and continue dancing now

Samba, samba!
Time will stop
Samba, samba!
The carnival is never ending