Hi Samuel - and thank you!

I too very much wanted to know what the lyrics meant, so I did some research about so-called Carnatic (some people call it Tamil) music and this particular song, which - as far as I know from studying the subject - has been used in a movie called "Mr. Fraud". Listen from around 1:10 into the video:

But it is a traditional song that comes in many versions.

The first line that starts with "Sada Paalaya Sara Saakshi..." means:

Protect me always, Dear Lotus-eyed Goddess Parvathi...

And then it goes on:

Always unequaled.. Always unequaled in true beauty

And second verse that starts with "Sudhaa Madhuraa Vaag Vilaasini...":

Your speech is as sweet as nectar

You dispels all sins, ever-smiling Goddess Parvathi
Always unequaled...Always unequaled in true beauty
Protect me always..