Hi all,
Here's a french reggae song. Christian


RD ReggaeClassic^2
RT 1636 Electric Bass
RT 2155 Electric Clav
RT 1160 Piano
RT 1055 Alto Sax
RT 1347 Tenor Sax
RT 1382 Tenor Sax
UJAM Sparkle Electric Guitar

Here's the translation of the lyrics :

To soften my pain,
reduce my torments,
I take my oxygen
at the heart of afterbeats.
I think I'm lucky
to travel this way.
Someday I'll go on stage
in a reggae band.

To grow wings
which will make me fly,
this music is the one
my guitar was dreaming of.
Sometimes I'm rebellious
and more often helpless.
I make my life more beautiful
with the rhythm of reggae.